Some bunny loves you, drawn by Belinda Baardsen, Artist for Animal Rescue, 7-21-13, CO

Some bunny loves you, drawn by Belinda Baardsen, Artist for Animal Rescue, 7-21-13, CO

Rabbits, bunnies, and chics are often purchased during the Christian celebration of Easter as gifts for their children. Shortly thereafter they are then dumped into local kill shelters as unwanted “pets” and are slaughtered by kill shelters just like any other unwanted/abandoned cat, or dog, and this is very sad.

First, please do not purchase a rabbit when you can adopt one from the local shelter.

Secondly, don’t adopt/purchase a rabbit unless you are committed to a life long relationship.

Thirdly, rabbits are easily trained, kept, maintained and make for very intelligent pets – indoors, and outdoors.

Fourthly, rabbits can easily live to be 8 to 12 years old.

Fifthly, rabbits should not be left running loose in your house alone unless you have rabbit proofed it. They can chew on wires, and not only hurt themselves, but accidentally cause fires, or other damage.

Sixthly, again, do not let your rabbit run around the house alone with dogs, cats, and other predator creatures, who may very well accidentally harm, or kill the rabbit, if their natural instincts are triggered.

So, with that in mind….

Have a great day, and remember that “some bunny loves you…”

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed defends libel action

Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed defends libel action

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed defends libel action

Prince Alwaleed claims Forbes underestimated his wealth in its Rich List
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Saudi prince in Forbes list dispute
Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia has defended his decision to sue the business magazine Forbes.

The billionaire is seeking damages over what he claims were “seriously defamatory comments” made about him.

In March, Forbes calculated Prince Alwaleed’s fortune to be $20bn (£12.7bn), placing him 26th on the magazine’s Rich List.

He disputed the methodology used and said Forbes had “insulted” the business community in Saudi Arabia.

Prince Alwaleed has previously said that the magazine underestimated his fortune by $9.6bn (£6.1bn).

However, in a statement, Prince Alwaleed’s investment vehicle, Kingdom Holding Company, said the libel action was not about his ranking on the Forbes Rich List, but about “correcting the seriously defamatory comments that have been made about HRH Prince Alwaleed as an individual and Kingdom Holding Company”.

The case has been filed in a London court.

‘Insulting and inaccurate’
Kingdom Holding Company owns stakes in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and London’s Savoy Hotel.

Prince Alwaleed also accused Forbes of publishing a “deliberately insulting and inaccurate description of the business community in Saudi Arabia and specifically, Forbes’ denigration of the Saudi stock exchange (Tadawul), which is one of the most regulated in the world”.

In the Forbes article, a former executive with Alwaleed’s company is quoted as describing the Saudi Stock Exchange as a place of gambling.

In calculating his wealth, Forbes said it valued the underlying investments of Kingdom Holding Company, rather than the shares listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange.

This, according to Prince Alwaleed, was an “irrational and deeply flawed valuation methodology, which is ultimately subjective and discriminatory”.

In a statement, Forbes said it is “bemused by Prince Alwaleed’s ego-driven PR stunt”.

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Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom for Strengthening Military Ties,, drawing by Belinda Baardsen, Artist for Wind Drinker, Artist for Animal Rescue

Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom for Strengthening Military Ties,, drawing by Belinda Baardsen, Artist for Wind Drinker, Artist for Animal Rescue

Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom for Strengthening Military Ties

Riad, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) The United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia will strengthen their military ties as a result of British Defense Minister Phillip Hammond”s visit to this country.

Hammond met with the Crown prince and Saudi Minister of Defense, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, in Jeddah city, to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation and debate regional and world events, reported the Saudi SPA official news agency.

This is the second visit in less than two months of the British minister of Defense to the Saudi Arabia’s peninsula, seeking buyers for his country’s military equipments and means.

According to SPA news agency, Hammond met with prince Mitab, chief of the National Guard, an elite group which receives orders from the Royal Palace, and weeks ago was given the level of ministry .

Late last year, British BAE Systems industrial corporation revealed that it was discussing the sale of fighter-bombers with Saudi Arabia, which is pending for conclussion due to “matters to be solved,” which spokespeople refrained from saying.

However, it is possible that Israel opposes that agreement because Tel Aviv authorities demand to keep military supremacy in arms and military equipments over the Arab nations.