Good Friends

Good Friends

So, you say you want friends?


Ok, but, what kind of friends do you want? Or, perhaps, it’s better if I say what kind of friends I want & have, so you have an idea of how to answer this test.


I want, and have honest friends.

I do not need smooth talkers, liars, manipulators, or back stabbers. I prefer honest friendship with people who possess integrity, which, in my view, is a form of nobility; because speaking the truth with a kind, but, firm heart, is noble. It’s noble in today’s world, where the truth is not used very often, because the truth costs you things. It costs you friendships, promotions, marketing, and more, because very few people want the truth; what they want?

Is what they WANT TO HEAR, and that is a very different thing indeed.

So, we, Americans, have Presidents running for office, to get it, or to keep it, while telling us lies, because it’s what we WANT TO HEAR, and when they get elected, we act, oh, so surprised, that they “lied to us…”

We say we WANT the truth, but, do we really?

And, so back to friendships that I want, and have in my life.

I have people who are honest friends, and if they are not, they must surely know that they will go, one way, or the other, because although the truth is an uncomfortable burden to bear at times, it’s a honest one, and its noble to be that good friend who stood by you during your moments of crisis, but, told you like it is, with kindness, and a firm belief that you are better than that…. because a true friend accepts your flaws, but, will not accept your delusions, or outright lies…

We love YOU for who you are….

Not, who we WANT YOU TO BE….

But, who you are…

And that is a good friend…

We don’t serve up truth like a dirty dish rag flapping your weight gain in your face; that’s not truth, that’s mean. Truth, is when we discuss something that may be uncomfortable: a decision to make, or an act that was a bit… off…. and we help guide our friends to live honorable lives even when it is hard and difficult.

So, if you want a friend, then, I would suggest you choose me because I am frank, but, kind. I will love you honestly, and will hold you to the standard of principle that may be hard, but, in the end, God knows, that I loved you with all of my honest heart. I will not abandon you when the going gets rough. I will remain loyal, but, I will expect you to have taken the hard path: the honest one. I will expect you will grow from your mistakes, and will be the person I know you are and want to be in your deepest heart.

If you cannot be truthful, kind, caring, loyal, hard working, ethical, and a dedicated citizen to making this world a better place, then, I am not the friend for you.

For what I am is long lasting…. and that’s worth having…

So, don’t cry foul when your President lies to you; because he just said what you wanted to hear, and he said those words because you prefer sweet lies to the honest truth.

And, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Now, go out and get some good friends because you deserve them, and in my view, you are one.. …

Love you.


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