Cool Cars & loving Saudi Arabia

Cool Cars & loving Saudi Arabia

Speaking of cool cars… I’m standing by a Lamborghini in my abaya, and this is one of the coolest… Altho yours is very cool…this is one of those unobtainable cool cars that I just love! In the meantime, now that I’m back in the states, for the summer, and on holiday from Saudi Arabia, I’m gonna be driving a classic white Vet, and Miatta.

So, when did I start to show a real interest in quality cars? When I could not drive one! I had to use professional drivers, or taxi’s to get around Saudi Arabia, which is not a problem as long as you:

1. Know where you are going – after two years in Saudi, I know where I am going better than the drivers do.2. Speak basic /directional Arabic – I do, after two years, yes, I do.3. Can negotiate a price – yes, I can.

I got around Riyadh, mah’fee moshkill’ah, by paid transportation, while wearing the black Abaya, which is required by law. You can be arrested if you are not wearing one. The scarf is optional, and is only required for those who are Muslim, but, many people wear it to reduce the amount of times the Religious police stop you and ask why aren’t you wearing your scarf?

The face covering?

Again, optional, but, many women wear it to reduce the staring – I mean staring – by hundreds, and thousands of men, who do not see the faces of women in any place, except tv – ads, newspapers, etc., do not publish the faces of women, and they cannot approach, or speak to you, unless they are family, or have business with you. I did not wear it because I am asthmatic, and the Quran says that if something is unhealthy, or harmful to you, do not do it.

Sooo, I did not do it.

Should you read the Quran?

Yes, you should, because Saudi law is based on the Quran, and it is important to know the difference between:

1. Religion
2. Culture
3. Law

So, that you know your rights, and can respect the people, their culture, and avoid problems with the law, which is easy to trip into, if you are from the west, and have no idea that one small thing at home, is a big thing in Saudi.

Are Abayas ugly?

No, they are not!

I am wearing a beautiful silk Abaya with white silk trim. It is cool, light, and elegant. I have several that are equally beautiful, and are well made. The women of Saudi Arabia are beautiful, elegant, and wear their Abaya with pride, along with a sense of fashion.

Do not be fooled into thinking that just because there is a law enforcing wearing it, that the Abaya is ugly, and that Saudi women hate wearing them.

Oh, contrare, they love their Abaya, and wear them as part of their religion, and national pride, so, tread carefully, if you think you are expressing sympathy about their “having to wear it.” You may find that you just insulted them – big time.

I took home 4 beautiful Abayas, that I would, and will gladly wear, as an elegant evening over coat. I brought home my scarves, and my face coverings, that I will keep, and treasure for life.


Because as difficult as it is to live, and work in Saudi Arabia, for so many reasons cultural, religious, and such — it is a land of beautiful people, and a beautiful culture, so, if you choose to set your culture, and ways of doing things aside for just a minute – and listen to the lovely voices of the people – who are kind, welcoming, and amazing – you might just find something wonderful in the land, and the people of Saudi Arabia.

Remember, if someone came to your country, and began judging, insulting, and demanding that they change your way of life, you’d be up in arms and would angrily ask, or say, “why are you here…? Why don’t you just go back home?” So, what do you think they think – when you are speaking about them, their culture, food, and way of life?

Same thing.

What one should always do when visiting another land, or people, is to respect them, their ways, try to listen, be open to new ideas — that does not change you – just listen, and respect their ways – in other words, be a good guest, and life is wonderful because we are all living in harmony.

But, that aside, I’m still gonna drive my cars, and love doing it because I’m back in the “USA…where you don’t know how lucky you are boys…” ~ The Beatles, USSR


Belinda, American ex pat, TEFL Certified ESL Instructor, Animal Advocate & Artist for Rescue Animals is home for summer vacation

6 thoughts on “Cool Cars & loving Saudi Arabia

  1. I didn’t know you have left Saudi Arabia
    I tried to call your cell but there’s no answer
    God I miss you so much, are you coming back to Saudi? I really want to see you again

    I want you to remember that I really really love, that we’re all love you and miss you already

    • Hello, my daughter, I love you bunches, and bunches. The timing of my leaving for summer vacation was expected – but, the timing of my airline ticket was not. I had expected to leave later, but, such is life. You roll with it eh, my smartest daughter! 🙂 And watch your language xoxo

  2. Oh no, I didn’t know that you have left Saudi Arabia.
    I tried to call you on your cell but there was no answer.
    Are you coming back to Saudi? Cause I want to see you again :(.
    I can’t believe that you’re gone and I can’t see you anymore.
    Just remember that I love you. That we’re all love you.
    God I miss you already :(.


    • Hello, my daughter, I love you bunches, and bunches. The timing of my leaving for summer vacation was expected – but, the timing of my airline ticket was not. I had expected to leave later, but, such is life. You roll with it eh, my smartest daughter! 🙂 And watch your language xoxo

  3. I give you credit for having the stamina to figure all of this out. My mother was offered a position to run a new hospital in Riyadh years ago but didn’t want to move her six daughters there at the time (I don’t blame her!). You’re dressed beautifully–looks like you’ve found a way to do so and still respect local custom.

    • Thank you for your kind words, and it does take some strength of mind to sort things all out. I can imagine it would be quite a challenge for a woman to bring her six girls to Saudi Arabia along with doing a job. The educational system in Saudi is very different than most countries because you would have had to go to international schools – which are expensive – and at 18 you would have to leave the country to go to University – because ex pats cannot attend Saudi Universities – without extraordinary circumstances – so, the kids go home alone without family – and that’s a challenge too much to bear for many.

      Thanks for the comment about how I am dressed, and thank the Saudi women for it – because I am a bit of a tom boy and prefer jeans, boots, and horses – to pumps, and girly girl things. The ladies of Saudi are very elegant and had a had in educating my tastes into something more refined They are the most feminine women on the planet, and yet? Educated, smart, hard working and amazing.

      My respect for local custom comes from the fact that four of my grandparents were from Europe: Germany, England, Ireland and Norway. They came with different accents, food, languages, customs and visiting their homes was like traveling to a foreign land. In addition, my father was in the Navy and he taught me to be “a good guest…” Try it! If you don’t like it, ok, but, don’t insult people in their house. Try to remember that they are inviting you into their home and trying to share the good things they value with you. Don’t insult them by judging, lecturing or turning your nose up – you may like it – or not – but, if you want respect – give it.

      So, I learned alot, fell in love with so much Saudi, and feel that I got to know them past the media and political hype. The people are the people – and they are good.

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