Here, are the facts. I went back to DOG HEIRS where this story is posted. The man here is being attacked by many people because some think the dog is too old to be on this journey. The owner is claiming the dog is not blind, and has some hearing. The story overall is true – but, where some people are expressing negative views about what he is doing with this dog – I have not done that here. I object to this criticism from his mother who is clearly upset and is randomly attacking anyone at large – even people who support her son – and think what he is doing is a great journey for he and his dog. It is my view that the dog is well cared for – appears to be good health – and the story is true – he also volunteered for these pictures – and told his story to the author – it seems she got some of the facts wrong – but, the substance is true – now, if you think her son is doing wrong – just look at the health of the dog and the happiness of this pair – and stand down – reconsider your words before attacking people – and that includes the mother who attacked me – for posting this as a positive – not as a negative. So, it appears that we all can get it wrong. Have a great day. Good luck Zeus and Joseph…enjoy your journey together in peace and happiness. Posted from Saudi Arabia

Wind Drinker


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This is Joseph and his 15 year old deaf and slightly blind dog named Zeus, who he has raised since birth. Joseph says, “I dont want Zeus to just die, He has cared for me more than I have cared for him”, so Joseph is doing something amazing with Zeus. Ellie shared her story of meeting Joseph and Zeus with us here:

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