Aquarius, May 2013, Susan Miller

Aquarius, May 2013, Susan Miller

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Your May Horoscope by Susan Miller

Aquarius Horoscope for May 2013

By Susan Miller

The lighthearted group of planets in friendly Aries that were pushing you out the door to travel and to mix with others in April have now moved on to Taurus. They appear to be having too good a time to disperse, so they are moving on, almost en masse, like a group of drunken little people having too much fun to want to go home.

You get to benefit from these darling little planets, for by the first day of May they have set up a new base camp in your fourth house of home and family. During the first three weeks of May, this is where all the action will be focused for you. This month brings real estate opportunities and family relationships into play. Mars, Mercury, and the Sun have already arrived, and together they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the magnificent new moon, which this month will be a solar eclipse, May 9 (US) / May 10 (elsewhere). Get ready for headline news when it comes to real estate, home, or one parent, dear Aquarius.

Eclipses are some of the most important features of any year. Usually we have four eclipses in a year; this year we have five. In 2009, we had six eclipses; I have seen as many as seven in one year – those years are especially trying, as eclipses are known to demand quick-witted responses, even if the news is wonderful. Anything that is different to our routine always demands that we conform to a new normal, whatever that might be for you. For example, social scientists say that the arrival of a new baby to a household requires a high level of fine-tuning of family dynamics, so it can be exhausting. The arrival of a dearly anticipated baby has to be, for me, the most joyous change possible in family circumstances, but that Lilliputian’s arrival from the land of Lilliput does require energy and adjustment.

In terms of your career, a full moon lunar eclipse occurred last month, April 25, in Scorpio in your tenth house of reputation. This was the first of three eclipses in four weeks, and that one did seem quite somber. The reason is that the full moon eclipse arrived arm-in-arm with Saturn. You had to face a certain truth about a professional matter at that time, doubly so if your birthday fell at the end of January. If you would like to read more about what I wrote in last’s month’s forecast for you month for that April 25 eclipse, see the link below, just under the Dates to Note and before the PS. Since I usually write in chronological order, you can find it near the end of the report, above the Summary (or, once you get to the forecast for Aquarius, just do Command+Find April 25 on a Mac.)

If you have come to assume that the word “eclipse” means something bad is coming, that is certainly not necessarily true. The solar eclipse of May 9/10 may change your mind about that. Solar eclipses like the one due May 9/10 tend to be more exciting and upbeat than the lunar eclipses, for solar new moon eclipses come brimming with opportunities and help you begin a whole new chapter. Lunar eclipses end things, but solar eclipses open the door to a new chapter.

Once that new moon solar eclipse arrives May 9/10, you may move to a new address; buy, sell, or lease a house or apartment; begin extensive renovations or repairs; clean out many closets; or order a paint job of several rooms. You may buy new furniture, electronics, appliances, or new bed linens, or spot a perfect rug for your living room. You may see changes in the person(s) with whom you share your space, or change the organization of the furniture to give your better room flow. You may have the contractors create built-ins, or you may tear out walls. There are many possibilities.

Mercury will not go retrograde until June 26, so your timing is excellent – make your purchases now, not later. It is NOT wise to buy big-ticket items when Mercury is retrograde because thinking is always a little off – the purchase will not likely please you if done during those phases. The next Mercury retrograde will extend from June 26 to July 20. Mercury will retrograde in Cancer, ruling all items related to the home and family, so you would be wise to act now, to keep a lot of distance from impending Mercury retrograde.

I like that Mars is nearly conjunct this eclipse, indicating that you’ll have the motivation and determination to get your project off the ground. Pluto’s friendly stance to Mars and the eclipse will be just as beneficial – you’ll get help from big money types, like your banker, or even help from a family member, such as one of your parents who might help you out with a loan or outright gift of cash. If you hope to sell a house, this is your month to get it done – you won’t have aspects this fine for a long time. If you are purchasing a house, Venus will be in hard angle to Neptune, and Neptune rules water. As a precaution, ask about the plumbing and any problems associated with water that the former tenant / owner might have experienced in the past.

Watch all the days that spin from May 9/10 to hear news about home and family, up to May 23. In particular, pay special attention to Friday, May 17, when Mars will orbit over the exact degrees of the eclipse, 20 degrees Taurus. You should see the message of the eclipse by then, if you didn’t hear earlier.

It is also possible you will hear news about real estate, your home, or a family member next month, for some eclipses for some reason take one month to the day to deliver their news, bringing you to June 9/10, plus or minus five days.

Sometimes when we have an eclipse of the Sun, and because the Sun is male, a male leaves or is “eclipsed out” of our lives. If you have a male roommate, he may suddenly announce that he is moving out. If your father and mother are divorcing, your father may move out of your childhood home at the solar eclipse. Or, your favorite superintendent or landlord may say he is handing the keys over to someone else, because he has decided to retire. Don’t be alarmed by this, as this eclipse is very friendly, and things should go smoothly. What might seem a little alarming is the sense of the passage of time that you may notice, for most eclipses have a way of reminding us of that. We were comfortable, and now, change occurs and we need to adjust.

Now we get to matters of love, and here’s where the news will get very exciting. First, Venus is about to enter Gemini on May 9 (yes, the same day as the solar eclipse) and remain in Gemini until June 19. This is great news, as Gemini is the very best place for Venus to be for you to engender love.

One of your most tender weekends for love and fun will be May 11-12 when the moon is in Gemini, conjoining Jupiter.

It gets even better! If you are single and looking for love, mark down Saturday, May 18 , when Venus in Gemini will signal Uranus in Aries (a good place for Uranus to be for you too), setting off a shower of exciting, silvery sparkle and fun.

By the time you get to May 21, the mighty Sun will move into your house of true romance and herald a time for you to have more fun and possibly meet someone special. The Sun will join Venus and Mercury, already there, and the three will welcome Mars later in the month, May 31 through July 12. Wow, that will be an ideal period to find love!

You haven’t had any help from Mars in two years, but now he is almost ready to give you his undivided attention from the best place possible, your house of true love, starting May 31. Mars is said to be the timekeeper of the horoscope, and holds a special place in the heavens – when he decides to give you his assistance, as Mars will do during that period, you will have quite a social time, and could find love! With FOUR heavenly bodies in your fifth house of true love soon to be FIVE, how could you not? You need to do your part in getting out much more between May 9 (the date Venus enters Gemini) and July 13 (the date Mars leaves Gemini). You will have a new moon, June 8, next month to boost things even more, but in the meantime, you have a highly social eclipse on the way!

That eclipse will arrive as a full moon lunar eclipse on May 25 in Sagittarius 4 degrees. Over this weekend, it appears you’ll be going to a major social event, like a wedding, graduation party, going-away party, or other event that finds you surrounded by friends and new faces. This eclipse comes in a sweet angle to Uranus, your ruling planet, so it will brim with surprising elements – this event should dazzle you. You may meet a romantic interest, or you may make a new friend. Be open to all whom you meet.

One of your friends may be having a wedding shower in preparation for getting married and possibly moving away. As we move into different stages in life, we become ready for new experiences. You may not be seeing your friend as much in the future. It is the natural cycle of events, and just as you moved from one stage of life to another, you had different experiences too, and as you grew, your circle of friends changed as well, as friends need to have interests in common.

Is it possible the reason the friend is “eclipsed out” of your life is that you could have a falling out? I will admit it is possible. I don’t like to think along those lines, but with Neptune in hard angle, you may find out something that you find troubling about a friend’s behavior. Or, it may be over money – if you gave money to a friend and she/he didn’t pay you back, and you need the money, that could be the cause of tension. It is alternatively possible that you are going to be in a wedding, or go to one, and the cost of participating will concern you. (Still, it seems worth it, so you can find a way to make that money you need later.) I am sorry to have to raise these possibilities, as I am quite upbeat about this moment in your timeline. I hope all goes as well for you as I want it to be!

Keep in mind this May 25 full moon is also a lunar eclipse, so it holds special importance. All eclipses are like a typical new or full moon but times three in strength. If this eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius matches the degree of your Sun or moon, or other planets, you will notice its effect in a big way. This eclipse will reach out to those Aquarians born January 24, plus or minus four days. If you were born at another time, you may still feel this eclipse if you have a natal planet at 4 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) in Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius.

You have a big month ahead, dear Aquarius! It looks like your personal life will get a major boost, and it’s about time!


You seem to have real estate, home design, or family-related goals on your list, and this month will be the right time to get busy. You have an extraordinary buildup of planetary energy in your home sector, giving you nearly unprecedented support for all your home and family aims. You will become quite determined to set things in motion the moment the month begins, and your momentum will reach a feverish pitch after the new moon solar eclipse, May 9/10 and continuing for ten more days. You might buy or sell property now, or move, renovate, or refresh the look of your home. Or you may simply buy new linens and china – working on small touches will have a big effect too, for any attempt on your part to improve your home will be rewarded. If a parent is in need of your assistance, you will come up with the right course of action to help your beloved relative.

Active Mars will conjunct this new moon, so any project that requires a strenuous effort, either on your part or those you hire, will be decided, scheduled, and finished. You won’t see as splendid an opportunity to attend to these matters quite as effectively again for years – May is truly special. Cast a wide net and investigate all your opportunities. Work hard on things, for this solar eclipse due on May 9 (US) / May 10 (elsewhere) will provide all the oomph you need to get things “just so.”

This month won’t be all work and no play. Just the opposite – the full moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun will light your joyous sector of love and romance later in the month. The same heavenly bodies (Venus, Mercury, and the Sun) that will be so helpful to your home plans will move into fellow air sign Gemini and help you to find love, or enjoy love with the one you are formally attached to now. Over the years, Aquarius has had very few opportunities for carefree love, but finally the horoscope wheel has turned to give you a chance to enjoy the romance you deserve. The new moon next month, on June 8, will help you more, but in the meantime, you will see things go your way at month’s end.

The full moon lunar eclipse of May 25 will put one of your friends in the spotlight, and this person may be someone who is the source of assistance or news. This eclipse will receive a beam from Uranus, planet of surprise, so a friend may do something outstanding for you that completely knocks you over. Although all signs will feel this special luck from Uranus at eclipse time, you will feel the friendly rays from Uranus more, for Uranus is your ruler and special guardian. Be open to going to social events within five days, before or after May 25, for the event may turn out to be quite memorable. Neptune will be in hard angle to this eclipse, so don’t lend money to a friend, nor borrow any sums from a friend now. Money may concern you at this time, perhaps due to the cost of participation – just be sure you know in advance what is involved and what you can afford to pay.

Eclipses usually mark huge life events: graduation from college or graduate school, passing the Bar, a wedding, birth, the purchase of a first house, the start of one’s own business, big promotions – you get the idea. Let’s see what event will come up in your timeline! Tell me on Twitter @AstrologyZone. By getting your feedback, I can become better at what I do for you!

Dates to Note for Aquarius

Most Romantic Dates: May 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 15-16, 17-18 (gold star), 27, 28, and 29.

This is quite simply your best time of all of 2013 to improve matters related to your residence, other property, or a family matter. The solar eclipse of May 9 will help you move ahead quickly on your plans, no matter what you hope to accomplish. If you are concerned over the welfare of a parent, you will also find answers. Begin now and take as much time as you would like to finish things up.

The link of Venus to Uranus will bring a flirtatious day, just made for fun and love on May 18.

May 20 may become a difficult day, when Uranus, your ruler, will do battle with Pluto. Sign no contracts, have no important meetings. Additionally, a hidden enemy may be playing a political game for his or her own ends. Keep your guard up.

The lunar eclipse of May 25 will put a friend in the spotlight. Or, you may be surrounded by many smiling faces, and among them will be people you know and those you don’t – but with some, you may want to know better. You may have a memorable event to attend over the weekend.

Migrating planets are heading to Gemini to fill your house of true love, and by the last week of May you will have four heavenly bodies there. Once the new moon occurs June 8, this romantic trend will reach an even higher point. Wow!

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