Aquarius – 2013 – Paul Wade

It doesn’t feel long ago, matters hardly ever seemed willing to go your way. The transit of Neptune through your constellation that began in 1998, saw you embracing one set of hugely idealistic goals, then finding out these didn’t hold the promise that you thought they would. Life became rife with confusion and deception, especially if you are old enough to have known anything different, with people pretending to be something they weren’t and with situations that appeared to suggest welcome consequences, turning out very differently in the end. Neptune didn’t finally leave your sign until around your birthday last year, its visit marking a fourteen year period in which your sensitivity, creativity and intuition were undoubtedly heightened, but when getting a real fix on where life was leading seemed a prospect you could only dream about.

Clearly then, it wouldn’t be surprising for a few of your escapist tendencies to have crept to the forefront, but precisely when this trend had its biggest impact depends on the date you were born. With a birthday in late January, the peak may have been a number of years back, while with an anniversary towards the middle of February, the events that Neptune’s transit signified will inevitably be fresher in your mind. But in every case, this is all over now. You have lost what you were going to lose and have learned a great deal on the way. You are a wiser, more thoughtful and circumspect individual with a new understanding of human nature and what it takes to be a success, beyond the trappings of consumerism and material advantage. There have been setbacks certainly, but can you honestly say these aren’t for the best, looking back?

Some of the biggest upheavals have affected your financial affairs, leaving you with a fresh angle on what counts and which matters are essential for your continuing survival. With luck your economic position will stabilise during the years to come, although to expect enormous gains isn’t sensible and you’d be wise not to speculate with anything you can’t afford to lose. However, Saturn is happily ensconced in the uppermost sector of your horoscope. Those career interests you have assiduously maintained either by luck, judgement or sheer obstinacy through the crises and catastrophes of the recent past are looking good, particularly if when assuming your famously objective perspective, you can see the dramas and the tragedies have in a roundabout way, been leading to this point.

Even if your professional affairs are not an especially prominent concern currently, chances are you will be able to trace the origins of certain objectives, stretching back into the last decade and even beyond. This is your payback period and it’ll continue for a couple of years or more, so you’d be wise to keep going as you are and patiently applying yourself, in anticipation of reaping the rewards you deserve. The only way this trend won’t work out for you, is if you attempt to take too many short cuts, or shirk your responsibilities…

The first half of your year has the most light-hearted tone as you bring your creativity to bear and really feel, you have not had to make that many compromises, in order to reach those goals you were so staunchly pursuing. From late June 2013 onwards, the pace of life gets hectic, so you need to maintain your focus on your schedule. But the results ought to speak for themselves throughout the next twelve months. Look out for opportunities, especially from the middle of June until the middle of August 2013, when a wonderful alignment impacts especially encouragingly on your fiscal interests, peaking during the second and third weeks of July.

These gains enable you to feel better about yourself and help reinstate some of that old confidence you used to believe you had in reserve, before all the customary doubts and ambiguities became such a feature of your everyday consciousness. Be prepared though for a visitation from each instance you might have imagined would have been forgotten by now, where you behaved in a less than exemplary fashion, were driven by motivations that were not entirely admirable or rather let yourself down with your attitude and behaviour. Hopefully, you’ll have remained sentient and aware of the ramifications of your actions at all times, so there won’t be any cause for this cosmic retribution, but in other circumstances where you find factors catching up with you, you should endeavour to make amends and restore the karmic equilibrium.

Although the positive feedback, recognition, appreciation and great results you’ll see this year are obviously gratifying, your story is working simultaneously on a deeper level throughout the coming twelve months. Much of this has to do with understanding prior issues that used to play a dominant role in your past and that you need to unravel fully before you can move forwards, leaving behind the residue of unhealthy conditioning and negative expectations that no longer applies these days. Maybe your partner or children are integral to this process, or it’s the interaction with your neighbours and siblings doing the job instead. Although you’re known for your progressive views and revolutionary outlook, there remains that small matter of your fixed nature, and the need to shake you out from your accustomed rut on regular occasions…

© Paul Wade 201

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