Aquarius – 2013

Aquarius - 2013

The happiest part of 2013 will occur during the first six months of 2013. Last year, the good fortune planet, Jupiter, entered Gemini last year in June 2012, lighting your house of true love, and began to encourage you to create a richer, happier love life. This was likely surprising news to you, because from 2009 to late 2012, as an Aquarius, you had been so consumed with managing challenging financial matters that it was exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to focus fully on love during that time. Now, your chances have never been better for meeting the love of your life, or to take your existing romantic relationship to a new level of closeness and vibrancy.
Last 11 June, when Jupiter first entered your true love sector for the first time in 12 years, he had just begun to settle in, when, on 5 October, Jupiter went retrograde. When any planet is retrograde, it emits a weak vibration, so you had to be patient until Jupiter awakened again to full power.
Jupiter will go direct on 30 January 2013, and from then until 25 June 2013, a period of almost five months, Jupiter will be working harder for you than ever before in recent memory. It is during that phase that you need to circulate socially as much as possible. Your health will be very strong and vibrant in the first half of the year, for Jupiter will be in the most harmonious angle possible to your Sun, a ‘trine’ (from the world triangle, meaning divine harmony). You may travel more too, for Jupiter will not only encourage you to travel far and wide but also give you the means to do so. A dream vacation may be in the making in June, a spectacular month to go, although April will be a close runner-up.
You have certainly not had an easy time when it comes to love. The last time you had Jupiter in Gemini shining his golden light in your love sector, it was from July 2000 to July 2001. Back then, Saturn, the ‘tough love’ teacher-taskmaster planet, was also in Gemini for a large part of that period, and, as luck would have it, stole thunder from Jupiter. Jupiter is a lot like the kindly uncle in the Nutcracker – he comes bearing treats, money, and gifts for one and all, and wants only to see you happy, asking nothing in return. He will spoil you with opportunity and many goodies, but in the background at the time during the last visit of Jupiter (2000-2001) Saturn was standing in the background as your stern, demanding teacher, requiring work, not play. That made Jupiter’s last visit less joyous, and that might be an understatement. That won’t be your problem now!
Being that Saturn wants to see you industrious and productive, and being that the fifth house is also the house where your greatest artistic and creative productivity is found, twelve years ago when Jupiter last came knocking, you may have directed all of Jupiter’s golden vibrations into a creative project, or other work assignment that was consuming your thinking at the time. No doubt that no matter what you do for a living, back in 2000-2001, you gave a creative spin to the work at hand.
You may have received many kudos for the projects you turned out at that time, and you been happy in those years, even romantically, but the vibrations were severely limited. Without Saturn there to block Jupiter, you would have less responsibility on your shoulders and you could have enjoyed life more. Whenever two planets bring conflicting energies to the very same house of the horoscope, the slower moving planet wins. Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the Sun, and Saturn, the slower moving planet, takes 29 years to make the same journey. If 2000-2001 was not the best year to enjoy Jupiter’s cornucopia of romantic vibrations, would have to go back further, to July 1988-July 1989 to find a year that was powerful for love. I show you these cycles so you will see how rare and precious the romantic cycle is that you are about to enjoy.
This year, you will then have your best period for love from 30 January until 25 June, the latter being the date Jupiter will leave Gemini and your house of true love, not to return until 2024. You see how important it is for you to use the coming period to socialise, and to ask friends to make introductions for you. If you are attached, you can grow closer to your partner by planning special things to do together, and if you hope for a baby, you have the best chance you have had for conception.
If you are single, the relationship you start in the first half of 2013, especially in the period mentioned from 30 January to 25 June, has an excellent chance to remain in your life many years, if not forever. If you started a new relationship last year, sometime after 11 June, you also have a good chance of seeing that relationship flourish into forever, ever love.
After Jupiter leaves your true love sector in June of this year, you will, of course, have more chances to meet romantic partners in the coming months and years but love may not happen as easily, and not quite in the dramatic fashion as it can now.
Take note of several key points for love the first part of 2013 because you will have all Cupid’s little fleet of angels around you, all with little bows and arrows to help bring your destined lover to you:
First, note the Aquarius new moon 10 February (plus two weeks), sure to increase charisma. February will be one of your happiest months, for you will see a new chapter form on a number of fronts. In birthday month, you can always choose how to direct a new moon’s energy, and it will be the only time of the year when this option is open to you. You can use the new moon’s energy to advance your career or income, or, if single, to strike up a new romantic relationship, or draw closer in your present union. You can decide to move, or to take an important trip abroad. Many planets will support you, if you hope for a baby, February would be ideal month to try for conception.
Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be in Aquarius at the same time as this gorgeous new moon, making this period all the more exciting. Venus will tour Aquarius from 1 February until 25 February. Mercury, the planet of thinking, perception and communication, will retrograde on 23 February to 17 March, so you will need to work around Mercury retrograde periods, for typically we do not make the best decisions during those phases. Knowing this, keep a distance of days from 23 February.
Venus in Aquarius is a fantastic time to improve your looks, so do so in early February while you will have a loving Venus behind you, as well as the new moon 10 February to boost your favor even more. Book that expensive salon visit, or buy clothes or jewellery on 9 or 10 February, 13-14 February, or one of your happiest, 18 February. You have perfect aspects for Valentine’s Day, February 14 this year, so don’t stay home, even if you don’t have a date! Many people are single without a partner on this day for lovers, and it can be a wonderful day to strike up a conversation with someone new that you meet in a restaurant or party.
Next, circle the golden dates of 26 and 28 May, when first Mercury, and Venus, respectively, will conjoin lucky Jupiter, respectively. These days will be made in heaven for you. Add 25 May as special, too. Gemini is the sign that governs your house of true love, so these days could bring a fateful meeting, a confession of love, or an engagement or marriage. Wait! There is more!
The new moon of 8 June should be quite spectacular, for it will light your house of true love. This new moon is worthy of five-stars, so as you see, the universe is doing all it can to see you coupled up and blissfully happy. That new moon comes arm in arm with the Sun and Jupiter, which is spectacular in its potential to bring life-changing benefits to you in matters of love, children and creativity. These elements are not mutually exclusive – you can have one, or all. At the very same time, a golden triangle will appear to send your career into magical realms, so you should be very happy in the days that follow 8 June, for so many reasons.
Your luckiest day of the year will produce all kinds of brilliant romantic fireworks in the evening sky, when the Sun will make his annual meeting with Jupiter on 19 June. Each year, like two old friends meeting for an important lunch, they choose a different part of your horoscope to meet. (Last year they chose to meet in your real estate/ residence/ family sector on 12 May.) This year they have chosen your house of true love, making your sign the most envied sign of all.
In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is 12 June. I have heard in Brazil, many people celebrate 12 June AND 14 February, the day the rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. Good idea. I think every Aquarian in the world should celebrate both days, because each falls this year near an exceptionally favorable day for enjoying romance. Dear Aquarius, if you are single, dating or attached, this is YOUR time to either find the love of your life or celebrate the love you have found.
If you hope for a baby, your best months to try will be just AFTER the following new moon appears, which will give you two weeks of opportunity: 10 February, 11 March, 10 April, 9 May and 8 June, one of your most romantic new moons possible, because the moon, dressed in white will arrive with her entourage of Jupiter, Mars, the Sun. In truth, I am splitting hairs, for the first five months of 2013 are quite spectacular for conception or adoption.
It is vital that you socialise as much as possible during the first half of 2013, as responsibilities at the office will mount all year. Certainly, later you won’t find it as easy to schedule carefree fun after work as you can prior to 25 June.
In terms of your career, you have so much going for you! Saturn, the planet that teaches the value of hard work, concentration and dedication, has recently moved into your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement and fame last October 2012. It is almost impossible to convey how important this move of Saturn will be for you in the coming three years. Saturn will show you new ways to develop our expertise and that you CAN take on a leadership position in your career. Saturn will remain with you in your high status career sector until September 2015.
The coming three years won’t be easy, but it will be productive. Often when Saturn arrives in a certain part of the chart, it means conditions have changed, and to succeed, a new approach will be necessary. Deciding on a new way of working in your chosen field will be a challenge at first, abut through experimentation and some trail and error, you can hit on the right path to take, so be confident.
With Saturn near, it is very likely that you will be awarded a very weighty title that represents a substantial growth in status, responsibility and power. You will have a lot to learn, and you may wonder if you can handle it al, but the VIPs around you know that you can, and will. It may be comforting to know that you will have at least more experienced person near you to help you navigate your way. Saturn rarely rewards during his visit, but will always do so after his tour of duty is over. This suggests you will receive your biggest rewards three years from now, after you have mastered your new role, so have faith.
The eclipses in 2013 are now in Scorpio and Taurus, signs opposite on the horoscope wheel, and the ones in Scorpio will work to accelerate changes in your career.
The next eclipse in the series and the first of 2013 will be a full moon lunar eclipse of 25 April in Scorpio, and will light your prestigious career sector. The April eclipse will require you make a serious, practical decision from you, in the light of the news that comes in at the time. While you will have to acknowledge what is going on, do not fear that things are all going the wrong way, and you can’t find a way out. A friendly Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and Venus will support you, so while this eclipse will be thorny for most people, you will be in a strong position to find answers.
You stand your best chance of scoring a stunning career victory after the solar eclipse appears six months later, on 3 November. Again, like in the earlier eclipse 25 April, Saturn will be prominent, but, as ever this year and in coming years, in lovely mutual reception to Pluto, indicating you have help from VIPs who will want to remain anonymous but who nevertheless will work quietly behind the scenes to see you get ahead. Keep your eye on the news of 3 November, for that point in the year will be your most important. The calls you receive are likely to make you thrilled about your career progress! This year, in all ways, keep the champagne on ice, dear Aquarius, for you will have so much to celebrate!


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