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This is Joseph and his 15 year old deaf and slightly blind dog named Zeus, who he has raised since birth. Joseph says, “I dont want Zeus to just die, He has cared for me more than I have cared for him”, so Joseph is doing something amazing with Zeus. Ellie shared her story of meeting Joseph and Zeus with us here:

6 thoughts on “DOG HEIRS

  1. I am the mother of Joseph who has become the victim of a young woman who recently published a very imaginative and inaccurate story. 

    He  is very upset and embarrassed that she wrote such nonsense and refuses to delete the story.

    He is further upset that people like yourself republish and further embellish the story.


    • Jennifer,

      First question: who are you?
      Second question: who is your son?
      Third question: the story you are tagging on here is a very nice story – copied and posted because it is positive – so, this not negative.
      Fourthly – there is embellishment here – it is a simple copy and post.
      Fifthly – no one can help you to resolve this problem if you go around making accusations – that are unfounded – without allowing – those of us who simply copy and post – more information.

      So, finally, and, again, who are you? What are you talking about? How can we help you – unless you provide information to help you. If you want to solve the problem – lets start with the facts listed above – and lets see what we can do to help you. And, ultimately, and finally… I deny any such allegations – from a person who has not had the courtesy providing all facts listed above so that we can identify the situation – and solve the problem.

      Please post your name, first and last – your son’s name – first and last – describe the story you are talking about – and provide an point of contact so that we can communicate – and help you.

      But, thissss is not helpful … it just makes it worse for you, your son, and everyone else .. who has no idea what you are talking about.

      I will pray that all works out for you.

      Posted from: Saudi Arabia

  2. Reblogged this on Wind Drinker and commented:

    Here, are the facts. I went back to DOG HEIRS where this story is posted. The man here is being attacked by many people because some think the dog is too old to be on this journey. The owner is claiming the dog is not blind, and has some hearing. The story overall is true – but, where some people are expressing negative views about what he is doing with this dog – I have not done that here. I object to this criticism from his mother who is clearly upset and is randomly attacking anyone at large – even people who support her son – and think what he is doing is a great journey for he and his dog. It is my view that the dog is well cared for – appears to be good health – and the story is true – he also volunteered for these pictures – and told his story to the author – it seems she got some of the facts wrong – but, the substance is true – now, if you think her son is doing wrong – just look at the health of the dog and the happiness of this pair – and stand down – reconsider your words before attacking people – and that includes the mother who attacked me – for posting this as a positive – not as a negative. So, it appears that we all can get it wrong. Have a great day. Good luck Zeus and Joseph…enjoy your journey together in peace and happiness. Posted from Saudi Arabia

    • The only truth in the story that is loosely based on my son is that Ellie met a man named Joseph who is travelling with his 15 year old almost deaf dog via bicycle.

      He did allow himself to be photographed but did not consent for the photos, let alone a story with fabricated quotes and factual errors) to be posted.

      The author of the story removed the story from on May 6 2013. has not complied with requests (my own and Joseph’s) to remove the story . Comments re Belinda were made on that site only after discovering a comment there re myself which I have been informed was made by the author of this blog.

      I apologise for any offence caused.

      I again request that you delete your post. I realize that thousands of others have reposted it too but fortunately most of them are not linked to seatch engines.

      • Jennifer, I do not appreciate being attacked, insulted, and accused of posting something I KNOW is false when that is not the case at all. First, let me make some points: no matter what what anyone else has said about the man, the dog and the journey – I thought it was a beautiful act of bonding and love between man and dog. I saw a healthy dog well cared for by his friend – I hate to say owner – because this whole concept of property, is the reason why so many animals are abused without legal consequence. Secondly, I saw this post on FACEBOOK and it was shared by literally thousands of people, and they loved it too and were sharing it because we all saw this as a beautiful love story between man and his friend. Thirdly, I am not some huge search engine that you are describing. I am one lone person who happens to love, and advocate for animal rescue around the world. If I thought I saw abuse, I’d say so – I didn’t – I said – great, wonderful, awesome – beautiful!

        Then, I receive an insulting, and accusatory note telling me that I am spreading false stories, and that I am solely responsible for the woes of this man and his dog. I am told that I should check into the facts of the story before spreading lies.


        Double what?

        Triple what?

        I have been falsely accused of having done something horrific and horrible when that is so far fro the truth it’s not even funny.

        Look, whose spreading lies, and rumours? Now, I am being cyber bullied on Dog Heirs for asking “how did I get involved in this…?” I actually had to sign up for Dog Heirs to find out what this was about, and to defend myself from attacks and lies.

        I am not the HUFFINGTON POST who has not retracted their story. I am not CBS, or any other national or international reporting agency. I am one lone person who cares about animals and because I am ONE OF THOUSANDS who shared and posted this story word for word without a change to it – I am now being attacked, insulted and in a public forum – accused of violating private emails – meaning, it was posted that something was sent to me IN A PRIVATE EMAIL and I breached confidentiality!


        Double what?

        And the what in the he** is going on here? How did I become the whipping boy for the abuse? How did I become responsible for a story you all admit had gone viral?

        Who is going to correct YOUR accusations, false stories about me? Are you going to go on DOG HEIRS and publicly retract what you accused me of doing – which is false? Are you going to do what you demand others to do?

        And your impression that a search engine is required to get the story out at large is wrong. This was posted on a FACE BOOK ANIMAL ADVOCATE SITE with literally thousands of members sharing this story around the world, so to minimize the impact of their posting is naievity at best, but, to bully me and cyber bully me at large is wrong and is sending the wrong message to the people in who are reading this.

        No one, on Dog Heirs, who saw your posting, or anyone else’s similar posting is reading it as kind, caring and concerned. They are reading attacks, insults and fabrication beyond the pale of acceptability. You are attacking me publicly for thinking this was a beautiful story and shared it word for word as I found it on the FACEBOOK SITE and where it was shared by the thousands… and attacking me…

        Where is my public apology? You want what you want, but, you are going about it in the most horrific and abusive manner. You are acting like a cyber bully, and it must stop. I have never called you names, insulted you – not even to defend myself – but, you need to stop attacking and you need to apologize.

        Thank you for stopping by to continue this attack on me, and my kindest intentions of sharing a wonderful story and continuing to disturb my peace. Please stop – leave me alone – and give what you demand from others: retractions of statements that are not true, a public apology and a commitment to stop harassing and bullying me – then, we can go talk – until then – this is one never ending nightmare that you are instigating against one person – me – who has nothing to do with the world wide viral sharing of your story.

        Thank you, and no response will be given until you stop this – and do your part to undo the damage you’ve done against me.

      • Since I have obviously communicated ineffectively in the past please let me assure you that the folliwing does not intentionally include comments intended to offend or demand. Please give me the benefit of doubt if it appears otherwise as my only goal is to make peace with you.

        I too joined DogHeirs only recently … only after seeing your comment about me in fact. Having written to DogHeirs privately I mistakenly assumed that your comment was a response to that so I made subsequent comments publicly on that basis.

        I was wrong, am very sorry for having villified/offender you and posted an additional comment that I believed clarified the situation. Knowing that all those who commented on DogHeirs automatically received copies of my posting I felt sure that I had effectively undone any past harm to you there. I then removed all my comments from to avoid any future harm.

        I was unable to remove the comment made on Winddrinker which was apparently never made public but posted another asking for it to be removed and clarified the situation there as best I could.

        I also messaged you directly and sincerely hoped that I had shown my remorse. If you require more please prepare and send me a short statement and a list of places you would like it posted and I will comply.

        That being said please understand that I never intended to offend and most of the people I contacted did not indicate that they were offended by the message I sent you and, further, did remive the links to the original story.

        Unfortunately the response was not universally positive and I know realize thay my efforts were largely in vain because, although the author removed her story from Imgur, DogHeirs and the Huffington Post will not remove their versions.

        I only started contacting sites such as yours because Ellie (Ellrank) would not remove the story which was , to quote Joseph, “loosely based” on and gave offence to my son. I never attempted to contact individuals who reposted the story unless they appeared in the results of a google search and therefore were most able to grow its audience.

        All of those reposts were retitled and indicated that Zeus was on his last/final journey and that was a clear embellishment of Ellie’s story hence my inclusion of the remark. In realized too late that the embellishment was initiated by DogHeirs alone.

        I realize that most readers like the story, happily believe it to be true and can’t understand why it should not be reposted indefinitely. The fact is that however moved a person might become through meeting Joseph they are not entitled to publish details of his life, let alone fabricate quotations that result in his gaining a reputation that is inconsistent with reality. Through no fault of his own he is now required to defend his alleged lifestyle rather than enjoy his real one.

        Some have challenged my rationale for trying to get the story removed and it suggestedI should be proud of him which I quite rightly am. It is because of this that I was prepared to help him preserve his integrity and privacy.

        It is Joseph’s exclusive right to decide if, how and what is shared publicly about him…surely no one who who respects or admires him would object to removing the story knowing be would prefer it.



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