Petitioning The Governor of NY
Oneida County Court: “Put an end to the Euthanization of Jack, a 7 year old Sheltie

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‘Help Save Jack’

Jack is a 7yr old Sheltie, who on Wed. March 27, was either startled and scared by the owners granddaughter, who fell upon Jack, which in return nipped her on her lower was his First and Ever bite! She had to have 4 stitches and is healing wonderfully!

Of course the family worships the ground their granddaughter walks on, she is first and foremost above anything. If the family thought for one second that this was a vicious attack, they would be the first to have the dog put down…but that is not the case here!
Unfortunately authorities contacted animal control officer Nick Morosco. Later that evening, Mr. Morosco asked that the family bring Jack to the Steven Swans Humane Society, so that he could be quarantined for 10 days, which is mandated by law. He advised the family that after 10 days Jack would be released.

The family was then notified that they had to appear in New Hartford Town Court. Judge Van Slyke then deemed the dog to death. The family has since appealed to the order. Jack still remains caged at the humane society even though the 10 day quarantine ended on, Saturday April 6th. The humane society is charging $40.00 a day for boarding fees until this goes to a higher court, which could take up to 60 days.
Dr. Frank Mondi, from the New Hartford Animal Hospital, as well as many other boarding facilities have offered to hold Jack, at either a much lower fee or at no fee at all, until this goes to the higher court. Which the family is currently trying to do, with an appeal, but the judge demands He stay locked in a cage, until this is settled in court.
Since Jack is being held under court order, the Humane Society has to treat him as dangerous, and a threat to society (absolutely ridiculous!!!) he is not allowed out of his cage, they said he has, a blanket, food and water…. 😥

The family along with the community want THEIR dog Jack, to go live with his canine family out in the country. This family currently has Jack’s dad, Mac, and his brother, Snappy.This way Jack’s family, Owner Natalie, Her husband Phil, and Daughter, Nicole, (ALL Adults) could go and visit their precious Jack anytime they want. They could still get to hug him, pet him, and kiss his head!! This is all so very sad… 😥

Please help in signing this petition. If you would like, you can also visit Jacks page on Facebook. ‘Help Save Jack” Thank-You

The Governor of NY
Robert Palmieri, Mayor of Utica, NY
Claudia Tenney, Assemblywoman
This is inhumane. STOP the Euthanization of Jack, a 7 year old Sheltie. He Does Not deserve to Die. Let him go to a different town and county to run and play with his canine family, which consists of his dad Mac, brother Snappy and sister Gigi…Please!!
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rosie perez WOODLAND HILLS, CA

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Michelle Talarico ONEIDA, NY about 1 month ago Liked 51
This judge is ridiculous, slippery and not to be trusted…he is over the top and should be removed from office ASAP… This poor dog did nothing to warrant euthanasia…!!!!!

Lynn Ridgway NORLAND ONTARIO, CANADA about 1 month ago Liked 48
I understand the concern when a child has been bitten….but this was not a vicious attack (4 stitches) but rather a one time bite from being startled or hurt. He should be evaluated and returned to his home. He does not deserve a death sentance. I was bitten several times as a child by the same dog and even when he bit the postie and policeman he was not euthanized. Give Jack another chance.

Marlene Davis MIDDLEVILLE, NY about 1 month ago Liked 45
The caging of this animal, treating him as a dangerous felon, is just another form of animal abuse. Shame on the judge.

Krista Felaco BELLINGHAM, MA about 1 month ago Liked 38
This dog is not a threat to the community nor vicious. He needs to be removed from death row immediately, and the judge needs to stop and use some common sense!

Jennifer DeVenezia REMSEN, NY about 1 month ago Liked 38
There is no legitimate reason for this dog to be put down. I seriously question the judge’s motives and stubborn “rush to judgement”

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