Aquarius ~ Your Year Welcome to your horoscope for the year ahead prepared by Jessica Adams as seen in the Australian Womens’ Weekly in Australia, and Sunday magazine in New Zealand. Find out what’s in store for you 2013.

Aquarius ~ Your Year   Welcome to your horoscope for the year ahead prepared by Jessica Adams as seen in the Australian Womens’ Weekly in Australia, and Sunday magazine in New Zealand. Find out what’s in store for you 2013.

Your Year

Welcome to your horoscope for the year ahead prepared by Jessica Adams as seen in the Australian Womens’ Weekly in Australia, and Sunday magazine in New Zealand. Find out what’s in store for you 2013.

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Welcome to 2013. If your Sun Sign is Aquarius and you would like a detailed, personal reading then combine this with your Ascendant Sign forecast. To find out your Ascendant Sign, using your time, place and date of birth please create a free horoscope based on your time of birth here

This method gives you one of 144 forecasts, which is the most highly specialised prediction I can offer you.

If you’d rather just read your Aquarius Sun Sign horoscope, that’s fine too. And here it is.


You may not be fully aware of just how unreal the situation has become in terms of your money, charity, house, business, flat or possessions. February will alter this, but before you leap into action with decisions, signatures or negotiations, you may want to read the fine print. Mercury is shadow, then retrograde, this month. He will not be out of his final shadow until April 6th and so the chances of delays or changes increases.

There is a lot of activity in the house of your horoscope which rules everything from banks to taxation, via garage sales and cash loans. You are entitled to feel motivated, but the reality is that Mercury (responsible for communication, negotiation, transportation and information) is not proceeding normally.

Don’t be fooled by the shadow phase, when so much appears to be moving forward, only to move backwards and forwards in subsequent weeks. If it will cost you time and money then get second opinions, seek expertise and be utterly sure of your Plan B.

The unreality of the last 12 months was probably more obvious early on, but by now you may have become accustomed to floating in a different space. It owes very little to the real world, but far from being a strange but tempting alternative, it has become part of your financial or material universe.

The Sun’s conjunction to Neptune will shed light on the situation, rather like a powerful searchlight scanning the ocean floor. The porous and uncontained nature of what has been happening needs this annual assessment. What is even more important is that you neither launch into anything new, nor respond to the issue of the moment, without realising that everything is in state of flux until early April and nothing is fixed, firm and final. With that in mind, you can thank astrology for the update and proceed.

Australia is Aquarian, by the way. So if you’re an astrology watcher, watch the Australian dollar loop the loop, from now until April.

The Billy Bragg classic, Greetings to the New Brunette, could be adapted as your theme tune for February and beyond. Goodbye old you, hello new you. It’s been a long time coming. Neptune was in Aquarius for years, affecting the way you were seen, and the way you appeared. Nothing was clear. Everything was uncontrolled. Nothing was real. Everything was an escape.

If you have heavenly bodies in Pisces (many Aquarians do – you can check at then the years preceding 2012 were even fuzzier, in terms of what you experienced on camera, in the mirror, or when your name appeared in print or on the internet. Neptune blurs the picture. Who were you, apparently, from the late 1990’s through to February last year? If the reply is ‘Pass’ then that’s perfectly understandable.

The great thing about February is the New Moon in Aquarius, pointing you in a new direction. The absence of Neptune, for the first time in years, gives you eyes to see and ears to hear with. There is no more fuzziness and the blurring effect has disappeared. What you see about yourself, the way the world sees or receives you, is very firmly what you will get. And that’s useful because from the final week of February something entirely new is on offer – thrilling freedom.

Your look or image simply will not be the same and there are more decisions in March.


In the first half of 2013, your relationship with the next generation offers you the chance to expand, explore and gain so much more from life.
Jupiter is passing through your Fifth House, which is associated with Leo and the Sun in astrology. It is linked to the idea of a dynasty and heirs. This applies no matter if you have children or not. Those who are born 20 years or more after you, inherit your influence. Sometimes this cycle points to your son or daughter, but it can also describe work or charity projects involving the next generation. They are your heirs too. In 2013, the legacy you leave to those who come after you, is its own reward.

Classic outcomes of this cycle include pregnancy, new godparent status, babies in the family, successful adoption and approved foster-parenting. Jupiter in the Fifth House can also describe a bigger, more rewarding and more meaningful relationship with a son or daughter, godchild or younger relative.

Some Aquarians channel their need to nurture and protect into professional challenges involving younger people or a big commitment to organisations which secure the future for the next generation. If this is your path in life, then the first six months of 2013 will give you a chance to develop this commitment and take it to a new level.

Ceres and Vesta are around you until April, so there will be some political situations involving women, or men with a strongly developed female side. Two random examples might be a mother’s issues with a daughter’s choices – or a father whose wife and daughter compete with each other!
For more detailed information, read your Cosmopolitan horoscope as I will be writing about the transits of Vesta and Ceres in more detail there.
In general, though, despite some temporary issues with female psychology and strong personalities until April, once you reach May and June, you should be very happy with the outcomes for ‘your’ heirs or dynasty. Your personal impact and influence on the next generation could be far-reaching and bring one of the biggest win-win results for years.


Between early August 2013 and the middle of 2014, you will gain from opportunities to explore a brilliant new lifestyle. Jupiter is set to move into the Sixth House of your horoscope. Here are some classic outcomes –

Leaving full-time work to go happily part-time, or to pursue your own business.

Accepting lucrative or prestigious new projects which redefine work for you.

Quitting work to have a baby, or returning to work after being a full-time parent.

The general atmosphere and outlook will lift dramatically in June, but as Mercury (information and communication) is in shadow, you may have to wait until the first week of August to really see straightforward results, with no delays or u-turns.

Despite this, the last five months of the year will bring a chain of solid chances to improve and upgrade the tempo, atmosphere and environment in your working life. This applies no matter if you consider your career, course, parenting duties or volunteer commitment as your duty. In all cases Jupiter will help to fix any issues you may have and bring fantastic new ways to enjoy what you do.

It is common to find new connections from across the country, or around the world, entering your work sphere when Jupiter transits the Sixth House. A new job, company reshuffle or tempting policy on professional trips may be behind the change.

There has never been a better time to look for a new job, aim for a promotion or top your personal best as a professional or businessperson.
If your idea of lifestyle is Alternative with a capital A, then you will be free to stretch the boundaries of what is possible in the final half of 2013 and first half of 2014.

This cycle co-exists with Saturn in your Tenth House of success, so even though you will be dealing with people, organisations or industry trends which are negative, the irony is that on a day-to-day level, you will have plenty of reasons to be positive – and happy.


Try to understand that pessimistic and self-sabotaging people, corporations or industries are living in fear of the future. That will not affect your success if you don’t want it to.

Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom, independence and genuine liberation. How do you find that in 2013? On the internet, phone or computer. Connect!

Make sure all written agreements about money, property, business and possessions are clearly defined with no room for misunderstanding. No written deals? Better get some.

Any secrets you are keeping will attract people or organisations which want to control and dominate. This will not last, but be extremely cautious with what you cover up.

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