Aquarius Major Love Trends in 2013: Aquarius Love Horoscope

Aquarius     Major Love Trends in 2013: Aquarius Love Horoscope


Major Love Trends in 2013: Aquarius Love Horoscope

Jupiter continues to enliven and expand your creative and romantic life until the last week of June in 2013, dear Aquarius. While Jupiter’s retrograde motion from October 2012 to January 2013 may have brought some delays, from February to June 2013, you are raring to go. New doors open for entertainment and love affairs, as well as creative expression. Others find you more attractive and interesting. Opportunities for casual love connections may be plenty now, but may not lead to anything long-term. Nevertheless, this experience can serve to open up many Aquarians to new ways of expressing themselves and can serve to build their confidence or ego. Romance is fun, and connected with communications as well. You might be especially playful and flirtatious in your communications now. You are taking some exciting risks with your heart and your creativity. While Aquarius is not a sign known to be dramatic, some of you could be experiencing emotional ups and downs that certainly feel dramatic, whether or not you express these swings to others.

Some of you may have recently, or might this year, turn a friendship into a romance. Friends can be instrumental in getting you out and about meeting new people.

Watch for some excess in these areas of your life during this period, particularly when it comes to money. Avoid lending to people you don’t know well, for example, and avoid spending beyond your means on your love life or your entertainment desires during this period. Both are strong tendencies this year.

Otherwise, you are losing some of your inhibitions, enjoying yourself more fully, and expanding your options on a social level. You may be meeting people who increase your confidence, help you out, and generally bring happy and positive energy into your life during this cycle. Jupiter occupies your work and health sector in the second half of 2013.

Particularly strong periods for your powers of attraction occur when your partnership ruler transits your sign, and when your romance ruler transits your sign. This year, this occurs January 20-February 19.

From March 26-April 9, some of you could meet a love interest through the computer or on the phone, possibly in your own neighborhood with lots of exciting planetary activity going on in your communications sector.

Better times for love generally speaking are May 9-June 2 and June 27-July 22, when Venus is traveling through your romance and partnership sectors, respectively. Even stronger days during these periods occur when Venus is forming nice angles to your ruler (Uranus), on May 18-19 and July 7-8; and when Venus aligns with Jupiter in your romance sector on May 27-29..

Mercury’s retrograde periods can bring some minor hiccups to your love life. In 2013, Mercury retrogrades from February 23-March 17, June 26-July 20, and October 21-November 10. If a lover is distant during these periods, give him/her some space and don’t pressure. You’ll manage these periods best if you slow down.

Other longer-term influences don’t directly affect your love sectors, but they do influence your personality and areas of interest this year. Saturn is putting pressure on career and reputation matters this year, and responsibilities can feel weighty at times. Those Aquarians affected by a Saturn square to their Sun in 2013 (born January 4-February 9) can feel unsupported at times this year, and a heavy or negative manner might impact their ability to meet others, if they are not careful. Uranus helps to bring new interests, opening up alternative ways of communicating and connecting, however.

Key Periods in 2013:

Mars is in your sign from January 1-February 2, and it’s time to go after what (or who) you want with confidence. Eros is also in your sign from January 1-February 16 — another strong influence for courage and attractiveness. These are periods that are better for seeking out, rather than attracting to you.

When Mercury is in your sign, romance tends to pursue you! This occurs in 2013 from January 20-February 5. When the Sun transits your sign, partnerships tend to work in your favor. Someone’s attracted to you or appreciating you, allowing you to direct and lead. This occurs from January 20-February 18.

From February 2-25, Venus is in your sign. This is a time when the world seems to be speaking, or at least appreciating, your “love language”. It’s a period ripe with opportunity for attracting others, for turning on the charm, and for receiving positive feedback from partners or love interests. Love seems to come to you without the need for your pursuing it. This is especially strong because your partnership ruler is concurrently transiting your sign until February 18, which boosts attraction levels further.

From March 26-April 9, some of you could meet a love interest through the computer or on the phone, possibly in your own neighborhood with lots of exciting planetary activity going on in your communications sector. This activity involves your partnership ruler (the Sun), your own ruler (Uranus), and love planet, Venus, all aligned in your communications sector.

While Venus is in your romance sector, from May 9-June 2, your charm is easy and natural. It’s a playful, lighthearted, and magnetic period for love, particularly for casual love affairs. Your powers of attraction run high. Love comes to you rather than your having to pursue it. On May 28th, Venus joins Jupiter in your romance sector, pointing to a power day for romance and creativity, possibly connected with friends or groups.

The period from June 27-July 22, while Venus transits your partnership sector, is an auspicious period for attracting or enhancing a close love relationship.

From May 31-July 13, Mars is in your romance sector, and the focus is on having fun, confidently going after what you want, and increased sexuality. There can be sparks flying in a romance, sometimes challenging, but certainly more exciting than usual. Eros is also in your romance sector from June 28-August 3 – another period in which love can be stimulating, particularly when it comes to more casual relationships.

Mars is in your partnership sector from August 28-October 15. There can be some fireworks in your love life now. You can be more ardent in your pursuit of a person or a relationship, or someone could be ardently pursuing you! However, pre-existing problems in a close partnership can demand attention now, and there can be some challenges to face. It’s a great time to clear the air.

Venus is retrograde from December 21st and into 2014, which affects all of us in general, mainly in the areas of love and finances. These matters are not straightforward during this period, and it is a time for reviewing our attitudes rather than forging ahead boldly into new love relationships or financial projects. Because this Venus retrograde cycle is not explicitly connected to romantic areas of your chart this time around, it’s likely to affect you a little less than it will affect many others.

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