3 Tools That Could Replace The Job Interview May 09, 2013

3 Tools That Could Replace The Job Interview May 09, 2013

3 Tools That Could Replace The Job Interview
May 09, 2013

Ilya Pozin
Founder of Ciplex. Columnist for Inc, Forbes & LinkedIn. 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur.
3 Tools That Could Replace The Job Interview
May 09, 2013

Lately, a new advancement for improving the way we do business rolls out everyday. When it comes to the hiring process, is the job interview destined to be replaced by a more impactful tool?

I’ve got my fingers crossed. Hiring talented employees for your company is no easy feat. It involves a great deal of time and energy — and sometimes that isn’t even enough to ensure you’ve hired the right person. This is why I believe the hiring process needs some modification.

I firmly believe in the saying, “out with the old, in with the new.” At my marketing agency, Ciplex, I’m always looking for ways to improve how we find, hire, and retain our extremely talented staff. Replacing the job interview may be the key to turning the hiring process in a better direction.

Recently, I took the entrepreneur test created by the Founder Institute to assess personality and aptitude, while matching up with revenue growth and market success. They are an early-stage startup accelerator and global launch network which takes an individual and trains them to become an entrepreneur through their part-time, four-month program. They’ve established this test to help find out who will succeed in their program — testing nearly 15,000 applicants since 2009.

The good news is that I passed the test with flying colors. But it led to the conclusion that digital testing tools may soon be the most successful indicators for hiring. Learning the traits and skills of job applicants is challenging, but a simple a test might change that.

I did some research and found three testing tools eliminating the need for job interviews altogether:

1. jobFig

I know firsthand how much of a struggle it can be to find employees that fit seamlessly into a position. The science behind jobFig places an ease on finding the perfect candidate fit. This tool utilizes the Five Factor Model of Personality and decades of research to build a representation for a job candidates.

In short, jobFig provides a straightforward and simplistic assessment of the facets and outcomes of a candidate’s personalities. It does this by showcasing the candidate’s level of demonstration of five core personality traits shared by all people: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. JobFig converts the psychometric assessment into scores of personality.

This test gets to the heart of key personality traits necessary to make a perfect hiring match. Rather than wasting time and money interviewing a slew of unmatched candidates, jobFig provides an opportunity for easy and effective personality screening.

Price: JobFig offers one low price of $299 per open position, unlimited screenings, immediate ability to screen candidates, and a free two-week trial for all new accounts.


There is no “best” answer for candidates to choose during the assessment. The scores undergo a complex process to determine the “best” candidate for one specific team.
This platform includes the ability to highlight base personality traits, rather than waiting to identify them in the controlled setting of the interview process.
JobFig gives shy applicants a chance to test their entire personality, so once if they make it to the interview stage, the hiring manager will be prepared for a less-talkative interview and use other methods to determine fit and suitability for the position.

The jobFig website is private and hard to navigate. Potential customers must request access or sign in to get more information.
2. Cream.hr

Job interviews are a risky tactic when trying to get to the bottom of a candidate’s personality. A brief encounter just doesn’t cut it. Cream.hr is here to seperate the cream from the crop with their scientifically proven, research-generated algorithm that helps determine whether a candidate will be a top-performing worker. This solution for early-stage candidate screening to immediately nail down a candidate’s personality — turning hours of resume filtering into meer minutes.

Behavior and work ethic are two things of interest to me when it comes to hiring for my company. With Cream.hr, employers simply add the “apply now” button to their job listings and have job applicants participate in a 20-minute or 45-minute assessment to measure cognitive ability, values, and preferences.

Cognitive testing divulges insight about a candidate’s behavior, potential, and work ethic. One simple test will prove to you whether a candidate should even be considered. This reduces your time spent sifting through resumes and has the chance to replace interviews–or perhaps to simply make them more meaningful. What could be better than minimizing costs, saving time, and making better hires?

Price: Cream.hr offers three pricing plans: the professional plan starts at $499 per month, the executive plan starts at $999 per month, and a quote can be requested for those interested in the the enterprise plan.


Cream.hr allows employers to quickly and easily shortlist employers who stand out in terms of their scores.
You can also keep track of your plans for high-scoring candidates using the notes feature.
As for the test itself, Cream.hr allows for employers to choose between a short-form and long-form test to better meet specific hiring needs.

This testing tool has a high price point.

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes your star employees stand out from the rest? With IDENTIFI, you can validate the standout traits of employees and use them to create a comprehensive recruitment profile. This platform provides a candidate match index score, ranging from one to 99, based on how well their personality fits the job they’re applying for. This takes your recruiting process to a new level by providing job seekers with a description to better understand whether they’re a good fit for your company.

This smart solution to the hiring process could indeed eliminate the job interview. Not only will candidates be able to easily discover whether they match your needs, companies will learn what fuels their innovation and success.

Price: IDENTIFI’s pricing is structured to include one job opening for $49 per month with unlimited candidates and match index score, 3 job openings for $120 per month, 6 job openings for $180 per month, and 10 job openings for $250 per month. For an extra $30, employers can receive an in-depth report on high-matching candidates. This information isn’t currently available on their website, however I spoke with IDENTIFI and they are planning to release a new website soon.


IDENTIFI offers one single platform can manage personality assessments, 360-degree multi rater assessment surveys, and talent recruitment.
Through IDENTIFI’s detailed reports, employers can gain hiring insights on candidates and developmental feedback on existing employees.
This platform is completely cloud based which makes for simplified storage.

The website have several broken links.
The price points may not meet the needs of employers.
Psychometric testing is clearly innovating the hiring process. The job interview is certain to be transformed — if not eliminated — in the near future. These tools are laying the foundation.

Do you think the job interview will ever be replaced?

Image courtesy of bpsusf; Flickr

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