Nice to know that Reese isn’t so perfect after all…

Nice to know that Reese isn't so perfect after all...

Reese Witherspoon’s Fake Pregnancy Plea During Arrest: Pleads No Contest

Reese Witherspoon’s Fake Pregnancy Plea During Arrest: Pleads No Contest
2 May 2013By Curt JohnsonAll News, Movie News0 comments

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What better press for Reese Witherspoon’s role in the upcoming Matthew McConaughey movie Mud where she plays a little more hard edged than we’ve seen in a while. It fits right in with the actress now famous for screaming “Do you know my name?” to the police, followed by: ”You’re about to find out who I am…. You are going to be on national news.”

The Legally Blonde star proved herself correct and today she sat down for a full interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in Good Morning America. She blamed it on ‘one of those nights’ along with some of the acting roles she’s taken. Witherspoon also said that she tried telling the police officer that she was pregnant and had no idea why she did that. “I told him I was pregnant. I’m not pregnant. I said all kinds of crazy things…I have no idea what I was talking about.”

While she was arrested on disorderly conduct, her husband, CAA agent Jim Toth, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and failure to maintain the lane.

“We went out to dinner in Atlanta and we had one too many glasses of wine,” Witherspoon explained in her first live interview since the arrest. “We thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not. We know better and we shouldn’t have done that.”

Following her arrest, Witherspoon canceled numerous talk show appearances, including one on “GMA,” but she did release a statement about the incident.

“I clearly had one drink too many, and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said,” she said in the statement.

“It’s just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry and embarrassed,” Witherspoon said this morning. “I think we made a mistake and it was something that will absolutely never happen again.”

Witherspoon allegedly became agitated and started to get out of the car twice while Toth, who appeared disheveled and smelled of alcohol, agreed to perform a field sobriety test, according to the police report.

“I was so disrespectful to [the officer who pulled us over],” Witherspoon said. “I have police officers in my family. I work with police officers every day. I know better. It’s just unacceptable.”

The “Legally Blonde” star attributed her behavior to her acting roles.

“I played a lawyer in a movie so many times I think I am a lawyer,” Witherspoon said. “And, clearly, I’m not a lawyer because I got arrested.”

Yeah, I know…but what else could she try to blame it all on. One good excuse could be that she was so wasted that when she asked the policeman if he knew her name since she didn’t being so drunk…

“We know better and we shouldn’t have done that,” Witherspoon continued.

She said she and her husband were embarrassed to tell their older kids they’d been arrested, but that they were telling them, “When you make a mistake, you take responsibility, and we are taking responsibility and doing everything in your power to make it right.”

So that’s the lessson for the kids. But, other than call a cab when you need one, what about the lesson for mom?

“When a police officer tells you to stay in the car, you stay in the car,” she said with a smile. “I learned that for sure.”

This afternoon, Witherspoon owned up to her error pleading no contest to physical obstruction of another which she’ll pay a $213 fine. Her husband Jim Toth pled guilty to DUI. Neither will do any jail time, but Toth will owe 40 hours of community service, go through an alcohol education program and be on probation for a year.

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