Family dog surrendered to Texas animal control dies today – PLEASE HELP TAYLOR!

Family dog surrendered to Texas animal control dies today - PLEASE HELP TAYLOR!

On April 27, a dog named “Taylor,” was loaded into his owner’s car. Though the drive may have seemed like an exciting new adventure for the handsome golden retriever mix, it did not end well.

The destination was not the park, or the pet store – instead, it was the Harris county, Texas, animal control.

Taylor’s owner handed over the leash and walked away, leaving the bewildered dog standing with strangers.

Today, May 1, Taylor’s life will end.

Without fanfare, or tears, the family dog who hopped into the car days ago, trusting that his owner would not betray him, is staring at the face of death.

Though Taylor’s eyes reveal his sadness, undoubtedly, he is clinging to the hope that his person will walk back through the doors of the building and take him home.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.

Please take a moment to network on behalf of Taylor. His owner has turned their back on his fate, but strangers still have the potential to make the potential of a future for Taylor, a reality.


Taylor’s Petharbor link
Neutered male
Age – unknown (adult)
Facebook link here
Animal control phone: (281) 999-3191
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