Their Planet

Their Planet

Veganism Is The Future
Liked · December 14, 2012

By L7phoenix

We were here long before you,
we creatures that walk on four legs.

We roamed the earth and lived in peace,
only taking what we needed.

We were here when you evolved
and started thinking better.

At first you two leggers were not so bad,
but then you started getting worse.

You killed for sport, you killed for fun,
you killed us to destroy others like you.

We were here you killed each other,
for land that we lived on or greed.

Things got worse, you took our land.
We lost our natural habitats.

Many of our kind were hunted to extinction
while those of us around deal with loss.

Loss of our homes, loss of our kind, and loss of our freedom.

We are here watching while you destroy our homes.

Source: — with Christine Ross, Vito Vito Donzi, Marguerite Stark-Blake and 41 others.

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