Siamese kitty seeks a lifeline to get out of the Lake County Florida Kill shelter – please – time is short!

Siamese kitty seeks a lifeline to get out of the Lake County Florida Kill shelter - please - time is short!

Siamese kitty seeks a lifeline to get out of the Lake County Florida Kill shelter – please – time is short!

Friends of Lake County Animal Services ~ Tavares, FL
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4/30/13 URGENT UPDATE: If you can help please act fast. Time sensitive. All shelter contact information and how to offer a rescue pledge are posted below. Please click “see more”.

Tavares, FL ~PLEASE we need help networking….needs exposure!!!!

C-2013-1285 – CAGE XF 500 – SIAMESE, 2-4 YRS OLD, MALE, SHY BUT GOOD

I do not have any further information then what is posted. Noone from the shelter monitors this page. If you have further questions: Adopters please call the shelter at 352-343-9688 or rescue groups email Denise (Emails are returned between 9 am – 6 pm) at

HOW TO OFFER A RESCUE PLEDGE: If any one would like to offer a rescue pledge please read this first (please do not post it on the thread as it will not count). It will explain how we do it at this shelter. Thank you:


RESCUE GROUP CONTACT INFO: For all rescue group inquires/offers please contact Denise. Email: or Call: 352-267-8059 (NO TEXT). Emails are returned between 9 am – 6 pm.

ADOPTION CONTACT INFO: All adoptions are done in person only. They will not hold a pet for you from a email or phone call. For all adoption inquires/questions please call the shelter directly at 352-343-9688 Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm or visit them in person Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm (the shelter is closed the 3rd Saturday of every month). Adoption fees are based on the cost of sterilization, rabies vaccination, County tag, regular vaccinations and testing. The sterilization fees vary depending upon gender and size of the animal. Please contact the shelter for current prices on adoptions.

ALL SHELTER INFO: PLEASE Click This Link and Read To Avoid Common Questions Posted on Page. Thank you:

*RESCUE DONATION OFFERS/PLEDGES: This is important since so many people post their donation/pledges on the comment thread. If anyone would like to sponsor or offer a rescue donation/pledge for any dog or cat posted you MUST email Denise to let her know. You need to email her the pets ID number (cage or suite number) and the amount you pledge. I can not add any offers posted on threads until they are sent to her first. She keeps track and when/if the pet goes to a rescue group she will notify you and tell you how to honor your pledge to the rescue group. You do not send any $ until the pet is in rescue. Pledges are sent directly to the rescue, not to Denise or the shelter. Rescue donation offers (pledges) are not for people adopting, only if the pet goes to a rescue group. Please remember there is no guarantee rescue will be found or they will be given more time but donations might help a rescue to be able to take by offsetting some of the costs they take on with saving a dog or cat. The shelter does not post chip-ins. *** PLEASE NOTE: This is based on a *honor system* if you have no intention of honoring your rescue pledge please do not offer one***LCAS (Lake County Animal Services), any of its employees or this page admin can not be held responsible in any way if someone does not honor their pledge. THANKS ♥ Please email donation offers (pledges) to:

STATUS UPDATES: When I post a status update (example: “has rescue” or “adopted”, etc.) it came directly from the shelter. I do not change any status unless it came straight from them. If you see a animal still posted in the “URGENT” album that means I have not received any change of status notification so please consider still in need. — at Lake County Animal Services: 28123 County Road 561, Tavares, FL 32778. Phone: 352-343-9688.

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