How to adopt from NYC Manhattan Kill Shelter along with details about Rescues, Email contacts, and more details. A must read if you are adopting from MANHATTAN KILL SHELTER!

How to adopt from NYC Manhattan Kill Shelter along with details about Rescues, Email contacts, and more details. A must read if you are adopting from MANHATTAN KILL SHELTER!

Adopting a Dog From The “To Be Destroyed” Album
If you decide to adopt a dog that is on the “To Be Destroyed” list, you must act fast. Any dog on the list, can & will be destroyed the following morning. Urgent Part2 tries to post the list every night by 5:00pm.

>>>>>>>>>> SUPER-IMPORTANT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If you are saving a dog from the To Be Destroyed List, you HAVE to apply IMMEDIATELY.
The NYC Shelters start killing at 6:00AM in the morning.
Tomorrow will be TOO LATE. APPLY NOW, please!

If you are a serious adopter, and ONLY if you are able to go to the shelter in-person, please go to the NYC ACC Public Adoption website ASAP (By 6:00AM) to reserve a PUBLIC list dog.

If the animal is NOT on the public adoption site you MUST reach out to a rescue to adopt/foster immediately.
Along with the above (and not instead of) please email:
1. Put the animal ID number AND the shelter name and location in the SUBJECT line (e.g. A01234567 MACC/BACC/SI)
2. Include all of your contact info including email and phone numbers
3. Explain to them that the animal is on the ACC euthanasia list for the next morning (IF it’s in the TBD album) and that you would like to adopt/foster

Again, only email if you are serious!

>> IF You can FOSTER or ADOPT, HERE is the Application HOW-TO:
1. Facebook PM/Message the below Rescues to let them know you want to Foster/Adopt ** Dogs Name – Animal ID# **.

2. Start filling out At Least 4 of the below applications & submit them IMMEDIATELY.

Put *URGENT – foster/adoption APP for (add Dogs Name & Animal ID# & Shelter here) * in the subject line of all your emails.

3. Message the Rescues AGAIN to let them know the applications were sent.

Most importantly, FOLLOW UP with each Rescue & be persistent!

>> Do not give up, a life is depending on you! < NO out-of-State adoptions or fosters
Facebook page:
All Sentient Beings (ABS) – NY, NY
Foster application:
Fill in the application & email to or fax to 773-337-5446.
Facebook page:
Bobbi and the Strays – Freeport, NY
Foster application – Complete this MS Word version
of the Foster Form electronically; save to your computer;
then email it to
Or – Print & complete the PDF version
& fax it to 718-326-6071.
Emails: &
Facebook page:
Eleventh Hour Rescue – Rockaway, NJ
Adoption application:
Foster application:
Emails: &
Facebook page:
Four Paws Sake Rescue – Queens, NY
Foster/Adoption application:!__for-adoption
Forgotten Friends of Long Island – Plainview, NY
Application – Adopt:
Facebook page:
In Our Hands Rescue – Bronx, NY
Foster application:
Adoption application:
Contact: Jennifer – Email:
Facebook page:

Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue – NYC, Bainbridge PA, Cincinnati, OH
Foster application:
Adoption Application:
Contact: Mary-Ellen Rozak –
Facebook page:
They will only pull dogs for pre-approved foster parents. If you want to foster,
get your application in first. Louie’s Legacy does NOT place dogs in foster homes
that are not within driving distance of their Staten Island base so that on weekends
the animals can go to Adoption Events in the area.
~ Can sometimes pull for people who live within reasonable driving distance of their
PA and OH branches, IF they are pre-approved and with advance notice.
Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue – Huntington Station, NY
Email for adoption/foster info to
Facebook page:!/LIpitstop?sk=info

Posh Pets Rescue – NY, NY
Foster application:
Adoption application:
Contacts: Melissa Nelson:
and Linda Vetrano:
Facebook page:
Pibbles & More Animal Rescue – NY, NJ, CT & PA
Foster application:
Death Row dog Application:
Email 2:
Facebook page:
** In dire need of foster homes in NY, NJ, CT & PA. To apply, please email

Precious Pups Rescue
> Fosters in Long Island ONLY
> Adopters in the NY-Tri-State area
Foster/Adoption Application:
Copy /Paste into an email ~ Fill out & send to
Laura Zambito:

Rebound Hounds Res-Q – NY, NY
Foster form:
Adoption form:
~ Fill out & email to
Contact: Donna Darrell –
Facebook page:
ReeFuge Animal Rescue – Brooklyn, NY
Foster/Adoption application:
Also PM Michele ReeFuge Rescue or Reedu ReeFuge Rescue on FB,
or email
ReeFuge’s FB page:
SecondChance Rescue
If you can Foster, contact Jennifer Brooks
Email: AND Facebook message them as well.
Adoption/Foster application:
Facebook page:

S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast
Adoption application:
Foster application:
Fill out, attach to email & send to:
Contact/message: Courtney Bellew
Facebook page:

Social Tees Animal Rescue – NY, NY (East Village)
Foster application:
Contact: Dimitra Bennett
Facebook page:

Waggin Train Rescue
Adoption application:
Email to &
Facebook contact/message:

Zani’s Furry Friends – NY, NY
– Fill out in MS Word, copy/paste into body of email & send to: and CC: Vallie Koren –
and J. Vukman –
Contacts: Vallie Koren –
and Jacqueline Vukman –
and Gisella McSweeny –
Facebook page:
– They serve the NY Tri-State area, Southern NE, and occasionally further away to the purfect fur-ever family.

► Rescues in particular for Senior & Special Needs dogs:
Red Hook Dog Rescue – Brooklyn, NY
Contact: Harriet Zucker
Facebook page:

Senior Animal Medical Fund Inc. (SAMA) – Altamont, NY
Request Foster Application via email to
Facebook page:
SAMA can pull senior dogs, as well as help with medical needs.
All Fosters must be located in the Tri-State area ~ NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD ~ NO EXCEPTIONS!

K9Kastle – NY, NY
Contact Tara at, Emily at
or Nancy at for an application for adoption or fostering
~ They will gladly send you an application.
Other email:
Facebook page:!/pages/K9Kastle/198020466874807?sk=info
Mostly rescues small, elderly, or special needs dogs.

Breed specific & additional Rescue Groups:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IMPORTANT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

SOME (NOT ALL) Non-New-Hope-Rescue-Only dogs are now available to be adopted directly on the ACC website via the below link. The below link will allow you to reserve this dog and he/she will be removed from the list.

This will require you to
1) leave a $50 deposit,
2) complete and submit an adoption questionnaire.
3) You need to get to the shelter within 48 hours to complete the adoption process,

If you do not go to the shelter within the 48 hour period, you will lose your deposit and ACC can kill this dog without relisting.
Note this link IS part of the ACC and if you do not follow through, ACC will know you. Also, this site does not allow you to foster, you need to contact a rescue in order to do that.

The easiest and best way to adopt a NYC shelter dog is to go to the shelter and adopt direct. The shelter will adopt to out-of-state people as long as they show up in person. They DO NOT do adoptions over the phone and will not release the dog to anyone but the adopter (you can not send someone else in to adopt for you). People have driven to the shelter from Canada to adopt. It really is the best way to do it.

Due to system updates, you cannot get a live person anymore when you call the shelters. You must call 311 (212-639-9675 if outside of NYC) to inquire about an animal (This is an automated system only!).

If you are a serious adopter, and only if you are able to go to the shelter in-person, please email ADOPTION@NYCACC.ORG about adopting a particular dog (have Dog's Name & Animal ID# ready).

NYC ACC Shelter locations:
The shelter is open 7 days a week. The adoption center is open from 12:00pm to 7:00pm, every day (you must be there by 6:30pm to adopt that day).

To adopt an animal you must have a valid photo ID, be 18 year of age or older, proof of current address and, if you rent, your landlord's contact information. If you have children living in your home, they must come to the care center and be a part of the adoption process. If you already have a dog in your home and you are adopting another dog, you must also bring your pet to the care center. You should make sure your own pet is up-to-date on vaccines, including the optional Canine Influenza vax, before bringing them into the shelters environment (or bringing a dog from the shelter environment to your home).

Also, keep in mind you may not be able to leave with the dog that day. Sometimes, the dog will need to be spayed/neutered first, or be signed off by a vet. They will try to accommodate out of state adopters as best they can.

If a dog has Kennel Cough, it will not be able to have spay/neuter surgery before it leaves, so you will need to leave a $100 deposit. That deposit WILL be refunded as soon as you show proof that it was done. If you pay by credit card, the refund will go back on your card. If you paid with cash, they will send a check. It is said that credit card refunds are much faster so you may want to keep that in mind.

Adoption fees vary, please contact the shelter for fees on specific dogs.

Fees include pre-adoption medical care and vaccines, deworming, spay/neutering and one free visit. If you live in New York City, please add $8.50 to the above fee for your new dog. Again, please add $100 IF the dog is not spayed/neutered.

***A NOTE ON KENNEL COUGH*** – Most dogs that leave the shelter do have kennel cough. This is not something to fear and it should not deter you from adopting. Most times, kennel cough is just a “cold” and it will clear up within 10 days. The shelter will give you antibiotics when they release the dog to you. While it is contagious, most people avoid the spread, of this upper resp infection, by keeping their dogs separated for the first few days and not sharing water bowls for at least a week or two. Many report that even with minimal contact, their current healthy dogs did not catch it. Unless you have very a very young pup, a very old or medically-fragile dog, kennel cough should not develop past a “cold” and is not a reason to NOT adopt.

If you are not local, the adoption process becomes a bit more complicated but not impossible. The first thing to ask yourself, “does my city have Breed Specific Legislation” (ban on certain breeds). Please look into this. The last thing anyone wants is to send a dog somewhere just to have it confiscated and killed. Do your homework!

A good place to start is:

There are many rescues that pull from the NYC ACC. While there is not a published complete list of New Hope Partners (rescues that can pull), the Mayor’s Alliance does keep a partial list.

It can be found here:

Before we go any further, we just want to add our opinion. If you are within a few hours from the shelter, you are not “long distance." Please take a day and drive to the shelter. It is always better to meet the dog you are going to have in your home and make sure that it is a good fit. All too often, a dog arrives at its new “forever home," yet is asked to leave the next day because it was “too big," “too hyper," “not perfect." Do not let that happen. A few hours of your time is worth the endless love you will get in return!

It is advised that everyone that wants to adopt, to start calling around to the rescues BEFORE they decide on a dog. Talk to them, fill out their application, and see what their requirements are. Find out if they would be willing to work with you. Many require a home visit and will need you to reach out to rescues in your area to assist. Do not expect the rescue to do the work. Guaranteed if you call them, supply all your info (vet reference too) and give them a rescue that will vouch for you (and do a home visit), they will be more open to helping you. It is also advisable to have a back up plan. What will you do if the dog can not stay? Again, the best thing to do is find a local rescue that will work with you and assist if needed. This will make the NY rescue much more comfortable with sending a dog far away.
You will also need to look into transport and boarding (the dogs must leave the shelter within a day or two and since many have kennel cough, they cannot get the required health certificate to travel across state lines). Again, this is not the rescues job.

There are boarding facilities in NY that will take dogs from the ACC.

Call and see if they have room: Bronx Boarding Facility: and, PA Boarding Facility: Arberdeen Kennels 610-754-7731.

Contact transport groups and see if they service your area. **Do not ask strangers on facebook to foster for you. Would you send your kid to a “facebook friend’s” house for an extended visit?? Unless you know someone OFF of facebook, you never really know them!**

Once you have been approved by a rescue, have boarding and transport set up, THEN you are ready to adopt a dog. UP2 tries to keep their site updated but in order to get accurate status, you must call the shelter or check the ACC’s adoption site:

****Behavior Ratings – Not to be taken as 'gospel'****
GREEN animals are those animals who were relaxed, easy to handle, and who showed no concerning behavior during the exam.
BLUE animals are those animals who were tense and nervous but mostly still and relatively easy to handle during the exam.
YELLOW animals are those animals who were nervous, actively resisted examination, and required the use of restraint equipment or techniques, but did not exhibit aggressive behaviors during the exam.
ORANGE animals are those who required the use of restraint techniques and/or equipment and did exhibited aggressive behaviors during the exam.
RED animals are those who exhibited severe aggression and required the use of significant restraint and/or sedation during the exam (Again, NOT to be taken as 'gospel').
N – NONE – No behavior rating
B – BEGINNER – Beginner home
A – AVERAGE – Average home
E – EXPERIENCE – Experienced home with specific counseling
EA – EXPNOCHILD – Experienced home, no children, with specific counseling.
H – NH ONLY – New Hope partner placement only
NP – NO PLACEMENT – Not available for placement
More info here:

*** If you adopted a pet from AC&C and wish to return due to problems (e.g., behavior, illness, landlord, etc.) please contact "Pets for Life" at 917-468-2938 before making any final decisions.

Pets for Life may be able to help resolve your problems so that your pet can remain with your family.

You should also contact the local rescues for assistance as well as post on the Urgent Part2 page .

After the hell they survived, none of us want to ever see a dog go back there.

Good Luck and Thank You For Helping a NYC Death Row Dog!

~ Updated on 4/26/2013

Additional resources & info for potential Fosters & Adopters:

Mayor's Alliance for NYC's
Animals, Alliance Participating Organizations:

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