♥ Fundraiser for our favorite Blue Eyed Boy! ♥

♥ Fundraiser for our favorite Blue Eyed Boy! ♥

♥ Fundraiser for our favorite Blue Eyed Boy! ♥

~♥~All of the dogs at the SI Center are written up and ready to be shared. Sharing made easy! Now go share a bug..they need you! ~♥~Doreen Savingdogs
~♥~I live on Staten Island and go visit the shelter often to see the Lovebugs! This page was created to share the dogs that are in the shelter currently and also to celebrate those who have made it out ~♥~

Even though he had a whole host of medical issues, Zani’s Furry Friends pulled Victor to safety. The knew that Victor was beloved at our shelter and they, thankfully, saw the same thing that we did….. a stunningly gorgeous dog who deserved a chance to be healthy and whole. Victor had a severe UTI, kennel cough and he was wobbly and unstable. His UTI and URI has been cleared up thanks to a prompt vet visit; but, our boy is still very wobbly. He cannot walk or play without tumbling over and it’s heartbreaking. He needs, and will receive, additional follow up vet care. In order to help with the cost, Vallie Koren decided to do a fundraiser. Portraits for Victor! Half of the money for each portrait is being generously donated by the artist to the rescue. I ordered one and even though I have two dogs of my own, I decided on a very, very special boy ♥ Please consider ordering one for yourself…as you can see, the artist is amazing ♥

To order, email Sara Martin at listentotheraine@gmail.com and let her know it’s for the Victor Fundraiser — with Alma Glennerster, Jessica Alfarone, Carol Brenner-Bray and 17 others.

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