Animals love other animals even as they love people…with all of their heart..

Animals love other animals even as they love people...with all of their heart..

Koko the gorilla had a best friend that fit in the palm of her hand. One day Koko signed to her friend Francine who taught her to sign language at ‘ The Gorilla Foundation’, that she wanted a cat for her birthday. Francine was not suprised as she had read many stories of cats including ‘ Puss in Boots’ and ‘The Three Little kittens’. Eventually Koko’s birthday wish was granted and she was able to choose from a littler of abandoned kittens. She chose a little male kitten who they named ‘All Ball’. Koko had the strength to crush this little kitten with barely a squeeze but instead she cuddled him like a child. Koko was smitten, she carried him tucked under her thigh, tickled him, scratched him and even tolerated his kitten scratches and bites. She handled him so gently. Sadly their relationship ended suddenly when ‘All Ball’ had escaped and ventured out, he was killed by a car. Kokos sadness was clear, she revealed this by her hand gestures, her silent language and her crying wails. When asked if she wanted to talk about her loss, Koko gestured ‘ Cry’.

Once Koko’s heart had healed and there was room in her heart to care for another, she went on to care for two new kittens – Lipstick and Smoky. Her kind instinct was rekindled by showering gentle affection on animals so unlike herself. ♥

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