Aquarius 2013

Aquarius 2013

Until the 21st the focus will probably be more in and around a base of operations or a neighbourhood, or with family members. Property may be a feature or it may be about a particular space inside or outside. In some respects your gaze will tend to be more inwards and you may be pondering things and feeling things more deeply. For some of you, links with the past may be felt in the present and there could be a blast from the past and you could be feeling a little nostalgic at times. It may feel more nurturing to connect with nature and the abundance of Mother Earth over this period and feel the good that brings.
From the 21st there’s a brighter less inward vibration around. So that could manifest as more opportunities to be in environments with more scope for spontaneity and enjoyment. You are more likely to feel the appreciation of others and do things which let you shine your light in more spontaneous ways. It could even put you at the centre of attention at times. More contact with romantic partners is likely for some of you and for others, there could be more socializing and maybe more emphasis upon entertainments or the leisure industry.

Until the 16th discussions could centre around members of the family, extended family, neighbours, or property. Correspondence and speculation may be about a physical space inside/ outside, or a point on the map. You may be mulling things over and your mind is reminded of the past. There may be more contact with relations or parents for some of you and others may be considering a legacy or a tradition of some kind.
Whatever is going on feelings tend to be nearer the surface and communications may stir things up or touch a nerve. Either way it tends to be a mentally busy time at home or not too far away and you may be on the move more.
From the 16th , Mercury is in a more innovative area of your Solar chart there’s likely to be increased communications with youngsters, lovers or pets. Whatever you are doing, there may be more laughs and distractions along the way or you have creative ideas and are more articulate which may help with promotions or beating the drum in other ways. You could be more creatively expressive or persuasive especially with Venus here as well until the 22nd. .

From the 31st the current position of Mercury may mean your mind is more focused upon the to- do list, and discussions, ideas or paperwork have a more practical flavour. Thoughts could revolve around daily chores, repairs, maintenance, or health – yours or another’s. Thinking about the mechanical details of daily life will definitely be a keynote. Also you could be learning useful new skills or applying those you already have either out of choice or necessity.

Mercury will remain here until 9th August.

Until the 10th Venus beams a friendly sociable light into the root of your chart. This can manifest in various ways. It could be a good time to appreciate where you are located or benefit through property or family connections. You could be getting more access to the beauties of nature, decorating a space or digging a garden. A good time to be working from home or mixing more happily with others in a community or neighbourhood. It’s more likely you will be playing host or are the visitor to somewhere or someone you really appreciate and you may be feeling nostalgic. Another way this works is to bring a feeling of balance into family matters and stability to your emotions.

Venus’s position from the 10th can mean your self-expression is more creative and attractive which is good for business and personal life as your spirited efforts can make a good impression on others. There may be more connection with young people, pets or partners and for some, or sharing admiring glances with another. In general connection with arts and entertainments, the leisure industry or anything you personally find empowering or satisfying will be increased. Social connections may centre around any of these areas.

Until the 31st Mars is at the root of your chart which means you could be busier than usual in and around HQ inside or outside, or with family members. Physical effort may be needed in or because of a living or working space, or be related to a tribe within a community locally or over the wires. A point on the map, a family member, or a property will need a decisive or assertive approach and may also make demands on your vitality or stamina. Mars in this area could mean a lot more coming and going in a locality or hustle and bustle around you. As always with Mars, there could be moments of tension which surface now and again and affect your mood and you may have to use pent up energies in a more positive way. Skeletons may start rattling in the closet and you have to square up to old patterns and tying up loose ends rooted in the past

But Venus is helping to smooth the way until the 22nd and this will ease any tensions .

From the 31st Mars is in a more spontaneous, and for some, romantic area, giving you the opportunities to more competitive or enterprising. There will be more occasions when you feel at the centre of attention and more valued. Your ability to impress, or take a risk could be highlighted and, as Mars tends to be hasty, it’s best to think twice before implementing decisions. Whatever is going on, you’ll tend to have the chance to enjoy special moments in relationships, whether that is through more time spent with young ones, animals, or lovers or getting involved in a project or pursuit which may (or may not) have an element of risk to it. Overall this is the moment to get active with the pursuits or projects you enjoy or which help you and others feel good.

Until June Jupiter, planet of potential abundance and expansion is positively influencing your Sun sign.

This is a time when you when you may be appreciated more for your abilities, creativity or become more the centre of attention. It will encourage a more spontaneous, even self-indulgent, energy and could help bring romance into your life, or create conditions for a more speculative, creative or leisure orientated environment. You may grow through any of these areas and also contact with children or animals or have more access to activities where you can shine in your own unique way.

Aquarians born 4/5th to 14th February or with 16 to 25 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

Saturn is in a 2 and a half year transit of Scorpio at the top of your Solar chart. Slowly, this will help you redefine your place in the world, your image and life direction. You will be restructuring your outer and inner world in gradual stages. If you are old enough, look back about 28/29 yrs to get the gist of what is unfolding now by recalling where you were then and what happened subsequently. Can be quite an eye-opener! Aquarians born between 25th to 29th January or with 5 to 9 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

Uranus, will now be working from Aries for about 7 years and gradually will be changing the way you think and even the language or jargon you use. It will bestow wonderful opportunities to open your mind to new concepts, and through daily encounters expand your thinking and learn a great deal you didn’t know before. Certain knowledge may feel like quite a revelation at times. Everyday matters may have more of an edge to them and you may take up the study of something weird like astrology or something ground-breaking in the sciences.

Aquarius born between 29th January to 1st February or with 9 to 13 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

Neptune means that slowly your values will be changing and that a sacrifice may have to be made for something or someone worthwhile to you. On a mundane level it would be wise not to overlook things or allow blurred boundaries when it comes to money or property.

Aquarians born between 24th to 26th January or with 4 to 6 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

The life-changing force of Pluto now in Capricorn means regeneration from deep levels and ditching some ingrained patterns from the past. Letting go of an old way of being and a gradual re-birthing into a new being is in progress. There will be a subtle gear-shift deep within you as the old order is crumbling and the decks are clearing in preparation for a reinvention of yourself.

Aquarius born between 30th January and 1st February or with 10 degrees to 12 degrees rising will feel this energy the most this month.

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