Never lie, cheat, steal, or drink, but….

Never lie, cheat, steal, or drink, but....

I’d like to post this in memory of someone who I called a dear friend. Why past tense? Because she’s wandered off of the path of what is good and honorable. She used to be a very honest person, but now she thinks that lying is ok for reasons I cannot fathom. She’s now cheating on her husband, but she won’t leave – or at least tell him – that she’s unhappy. She won’t give him a chance to change, or to have a life of his own. She says he’s drinking and that they haven’t had sex in 16 years. She says she’s got plenty of money of her own – so, he’s just as miserable – so, why hang on to him? Maybe, he’d like a life too? I do not know, but she’s gone from lying to her husband and her family – to her friends. She doesn’t seem to have any sense of what is wrong, or right — it’s like her moral compass has broken – and yet? She attends church often and considers herself a great Christian. Wow… ok, end of story…. As a friend, I called her out on telling lies, and living a life of dishonesty while attending the church. She didn’t like that, but a friend speaks honestly. It went from there – this great Christian woman began calling me alot of names and saying alot of horrible things about the futility of animal rescue – oh, and by the way – she doesn’t stay with her husband because she’s not making enough money – she’s making plenty! Wow…so you stay for what? Image? Appearances? That poor man is suffering for reasons unknown and you are holding onto him? He can’t have a life? Wow… Well, we went from there…until we were at rock bottom…. I don’t like dishonesty … I do not like negativity … so, I had to cut that cord… and let it go. I will not live a life of lies, cheating, stealing and injuring others. My friend has changed – alot – and I do not recognize her at all. But, as sad as I feel for her, I will not allow the people in my life to remain anchored to my heart and pulling me down. So, I will wish her well and pray for her, but I have let go because…. ?

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